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6 Fun, Simple Ways to Tap Into Your Sex Fantasies

If you’re one of those people who’s seemingly always been well aware of what turns you on — whether that’s naughty role-play, dirty talk, certain toys or kinkier deeds — consider yourself lucky. Feel free to return to your bedroom! But for the rest of …

What Do Your Sexual Fantasies Say About You?

When faced with the question “What turns you on?” almost all of us have the same answer: I’m turned on by someone who’s smart, funny, well dressed, creative, successful, blah blah blah. And sure, all of those things are stimulating, but that’s only …

Savage Love: Realizing hidden fantasies

She said she was too high to do anything. I felt let down. I feel she unknowingly teased me with fantasies I have, not knowing I actually have them. We have a good sex life, and I’m willing to write off the fantasies we discussed while high and drunk.

The key to actualizing sexual fantasies? Acknowledging them.

“If you ever want to have that threesome or experiment with anal, HARD, you need to keep talking with your wife about these fantasies—and you need to tell her your fantasies too!” Wolfgang Rieger [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Q: I’m a straight …