Leyton escorts Grand Slam

In my previous home town of Boston USA, I used to love dating escorts. The American beauties that I dated were stunning, and very sexy but I have never met any girls that can match up to my Leyton escorts https://londonxcity.com/escorts here in the UK.

to love dating london escorts

I moved over to the UK five years ago to coach tennis, and hoping to give up my addiction for dating escorts. A couple of buddies of mine had told me that there weren’t any escorts in the UK, but I am pleased to say that he was wrong. Leyton is just buzzing with sexy companions, and there are some great Leyton escorts https://londonxcity.com/escorts agencies.

My initial impression of English girls were that they were a bit shy, and not so friendly. They had a totally different way of socializing and I found that very difficult to cope with at first. That was before I met my first Leyton escorts of course. I am still not sold on English girls but I am totally hooked on Leyton escorts, and I date at least twice a week.

Fortunately, it is a bit cheaper to date Leyton escorts than Boston girls, so I am able to date twice a week. It works out really well for me as I can manage both my budget and desire this way. I have a couple of favorite girls that I enjoy dating, and one of them, Eliza, is like winning the Leyton and French Open for me. Eliza is a real grand slam victory for me.


When I first met Eliza I thought she was going to be a bit reserved but in reality she anything but. Eliza is this adventurous blonde who works for one of Leyton leading escorts agencies. She is one of their more experienced escorts, and you do need to pay a bit more if you want to date Eliza. However, paying a little bit more doesn’t matter to me as you just get so much more sexy blonde for your money with Eliza.

Eliza has a lot of hidden talents which she doesn’t tell you about. She has some amazing gifts and back strokes that she just loves to sneak up on you. Most of the time, I am prepared for any unexpected trick shots but on occasion she really knocks me off the court. I would love to share her favorites tricks with you but I hardly think that it would be fair. After all, I would not want to spoil the surprise when you meet Eliza for an incall or outcall.

It took me some time to find Eliza but she is know my favorite escorts, and I just can’t wait until I see her again. Eliza is a special treat for me as I would not be able to to afford to date her every week.

Leyton escorts are just so much more sexier than their American counter parts, and I would love to stay here to date Leyton girls for the rest of my days. Don’t let anyone tell you that there aren’t escorts in the UK because there certainly are some stunning escorts over here. If you don’t believe, come and check them out for yourself.

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