Nudist Beach

I never thought I would get into nudism, or naturalism as they call it. But one of the girls I work with at London escorts is have Swedish and she is really into it. Over the last two years, we have become really good friends and I traveled with her to Sweden on numerous occasions. Last summer, we went back to Sweden for three weeks, and ended up spending one of them of them at a nudist camp. Most of the other girls I work with at London escorts were a bit surprised, but I did actually really enjoy it.

The Swedes are really relaxed about nudity, and I have never been uncomfortable with going nude on a Swedish beach with my Swedish friend from London escorts. At first, I always associated nudism with something sexual but that is not true. I have learned from the Swedes that nudism can be something very natural and they have given nudism a new meaning for me. Honestly, I think that most London escorts would be comfortable taken all of their clothes off on a Swedish beach.

The nudist camp we went to in Sweden was on an island of the east coast. It was only a small island, but really pretty. All of the guests stayed in pretty little red cottages. The year before I had been on a hedonistic holiday with one of my friends from London escorts. To be honest, I had expected the nudist camp in Sweden to be a little bit like that. I think that many of the girls at London escorts would have expected the same thing.

We arrived at the nudist camp by boat, and the only way you could get of the island was by boat. It felt a bit strange at first, but I soon relaxed. All of the people who visited the island had to be comfortable with being nude around others. It was not a problem for me, but I think that some of the younger girls from cheap escorts in London, would have felt a bit exposed. However, for me it was the perfect opportunity to explore the boundaries of my new found hobby.

By the end of the week, I realised I had spent most of the week with nothing on. We had enjoyed salty baths and brilliant sunshine all week. When I looked in the mirror, I could see I looked really good and my tan was better than my Caribbean tan. I was really relaxed and felt ten times better than after my hedonistic holiday. A couple of days later I was back dating with London escorts telling all of the gents about my nudist experience in Sweden and how much I wanted to go back. Who needs to fly all the way to Jamaica when you can have so much fun closer to home. Next year when I have my break from London escorts, I know where I am going to be going on holiday. It not going to be anywhere exotic.

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